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Videos are awesome way of promoting your content, especially Youtube videos as they are included in search results by Google and they are fairly ranked high in comparison of ordinary blog posts.

But ranking videos on Youtube or other website is not an easy task. Most of the videos are not well optimized, they don’t follow video seo best practices  And as Youtube is targeted by so many bloggers and webmasters across globe, it is flooded with videos of all kind.

You can generate huge amount of money and traffic from Youtube videos by following simple video creation and promotion tips. Have you ever thought;

How to Promote YouTube Video ?

Here are some of the most important and easiest ways of optimizing and promoting videos.

How To Promote Videos

1.       Email marketing for videos

Most of the bloggers and webmasters are well aware of the email marketing as far as their blog or website is concerned, it is often

How To Optimize and Promote videos

How To Optimize and Promote videos

ignored by them when it comes to promote videos. Email marketing is the best way to promote your videos.

As being the existing contacts, they trust you, provided you have followed the best email marketing practices. If they trust you, they will not only open your email but also, go through the content. So start promoting your videos to your contacts.

If you are a new blogger or webmaster who is not doing email marketing, then you should start doing it.

GetResponse and Aweber are the best email marketing service provider in the market and economical too.


2.       Networking for video promotion


How to Promote Your Videos through networking– Social media sites and blogging networks are also one of the best places to promote videos.  As you share your content with your friends, family and contacts, it is important you promote and share your videos with them also. It will increase your videos view and therefore, reputation and visibility.

Sites like facebook, Twitter are extremely useful in generating free traffic to your videos. You can also contact your fellow bloggers in your network or niche to collaborate and promote your videos. Social networking sites have proved to be a very good place to promote videos.

Optimize Videos


3.       Optimize your Youtube videos for organic traffic


One of the best ways to Promote YouTube Videos Free is to use Youtube keyword tool  to find relevant keywords which you can use in your videos.

You can use this tool to find keywords to optimize videos.  This Youtube Keyword tool allows you to search keywords by manually entering a word or by entering the URL of an existing Youtube video.

The best way to use it is by finding an existing video on Youtube. You should search for a video which is not very old but has got good number of visits.

Then you should copy the part after = in the url and paste it in the keyword tool. It will give you the keywords used by that video.

This way you can easily find the keywords which are generating good number of views.

There are other sites also like Dailymotion, metacafe and vimeo.

Overall, the strategy and techniques of optimizing videos for search engine traffic is more or less, same.  Keyword research is the most important part of creating videos which could perform well.

Optimizing Video for Google

Video optimization includes following steps.


  1. Video name

We tend to ignore the name of the file in case of videos and pictures. Saving the images and videos with the keyword name is the first step in optimizing your images and videos.

So if you are creating a video on weight loss, you should name your video accordingly to include your primary keyword in the name of the file. Using keywords in video name is one of the best way to optimize videos for youtube and other sites.


  1. Keyword research

Keyword research is crucial in case of videos also like we have seen in case of blog posts. In general, most of the bloggers ignore keyword research when it comes to video marketing. In SEO keyword research is extremely critical and it is same when it comes to optimize videos and promote videos.

You can use the techniques mentioned in the last section to do keyword research for Youtube. If you have any question for that, don’t hesitate in asking. But that method will give you very few keywords which may or may not suffice your requirements.

You can use any good keyword research tool to find good keywords. I had good success with IBP and Seoprofiler, you can use any tool of your choice but better use any premium tool which gives you more information than just telling you the number of search for a particular keyword.

  1. Title

Title is one of the most important factors influencing your video’s ranking. You should choose your title carefully with appropriate keywords in it. That’s why I have mentioned in the previous section that you need a good keyword research tool because it will have a huge impact on your rankings.

So do proper keyword research and then include your keyword in you title but make sure it shouldn’t look unnatural and stuffed. In order to optimize videos, you must use a keyword in the title.

  1. Description

Description is an important part of your videos and it helps to optimize videos. Avoid mistake of repeating keywords in your description. It should be created to provide good information about your video with appropriate keywords in it. You should also add related search terms in the description section.

You have to add related keywords in the description as related search terms so you can use few keywords which are closed related to your primary keyword.

  1. Tags

Tags are also important for good search engine rankings and they have their own share of contribution in the overall optimization of your videos. You should include 5-10 relevant tags. Don’t try to overdo things. Just 5-10 relevant tags are enough.



If you can follow the steps mentioned above, you can expect descent video views on Youtube, Dailymotion and other video sharing sites. Optimize videos and promote videos are the key and your success depends upon how assertive you are in your marketing practices.

Always remember one thing, there are millions of videos out there, so your every video is not going to be successful but if you follow these practices of video seo consistently & promote videos well, then you can generate good amount of views and revenue from them.

Share your thoughts and video seo tips and techniques.

Sharing is Caring
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  5. This isn’t a post about keyword research for video content on YouTube, but about exploring the ways in which it can be used to find relevant data, information and keywords in topics where you have a low understanding of the services and industry.

  6. This isn’t a post about keyword research for video content on YouTube, but about exploring the ways in which it can be used to find relevant data, information and keywords in topics where you have a low understanding of the services and industry.

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